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Indian Railway Health Services - IRHS aka Indian Medical Railway Services - IRMS

Hi guys, this blog page is solely dedicated to those candidates who are selected in UPSC-conducted Combined Medical Services Exam & want to pursue IRMS as their career. Just after exam results declaration, candidates have many querries to answer & I make every possible effort to answer them to the best of my knowledge (via RxPG & dedicated Facebook page). But its very difficult to reach out to each & every person individually, I have come up with this new idea of creating IRMS webpage where I will be telling you something about the recruitment procedure & service (to the best of my knowledge)
Disclaimer: Whilst my endeavour is to ensure that the information provided to you is correct, I do not warrant its completedness or accuracy. For any correction or Querry, please write to me at

2019/E(GR)II/5/1General instructions to candidates allotted to IRHS-2019 by M/o H&FW subject to Medical Fitness, etc. 
2019/E(GR)II/5/1Details of Zonal Railway Hospital
12011/6/2019-CHS-1CMSE Rules 201910.04.2019
2015/E(GR)II/7/4Extension in joining time and Revival Policy - Procedure thereof.23.04.2020
2020/E(GR)II/7/1Revision of Zone Allocation of ADMO Probationer-2018 whose Foundation Course completed on 20.03.2020.22.04.2020
2020/E(GR)I/16/IRenaming of the then IRMS as IRHS (Indian Railway Health Service)(Gazette Notification)22.04.2020
2015/E(GR)II/7/4Terms and Conditions  of IRMS recruited through CMSE- 2018 onwards (including  Revival Cases)30.10.2019
2015/E(GR)II/7/4Terms and Conditions of  IRMS recruited through CMSE 2014 to CMSE 2017 (Other than Revival Cases).

Q1. I have been selected in final CMSE, but my roll no. is in PROVISIONAL list also. What to do ?
A: you have to get your pending documents verified by UPSC after which your candidature will be cleared. For that you have to send your document(s) along with its self-attested Xerox to
NEW DELHI-110069.

This should be done preferably within 6 months of result declaration. After 1-2 months you will get your documents back via speed-post with clearance letter.
For any other querry you can call UPSC CMS section on 01123098591

Q2. I have been selected in final CMSE, but my candidature is CONDITIONAL. What to do ?
A: Those with conditional candidature need not to do anything at this stage, they have to show their pending documents to their allotted parent department at the time of appointment. there is no need to contact UPSC.

Q3. I have been selected in final CMSE result of which has been declared recently. Now what next?
A: whole recruitment process is like:
I. UPSC declares final results.
II. Within 10-15 days it sends the dossiers of selected candidates to MOHFW along with result copy for cadre allotment.
III. MOHFW then allot cadre as per the rank & preferences given in DAF. Whole exercise of cadre allotment could take 4-6 month time.
IV. After cadre allotment, list is uploaded on their official website
V. After cadre allotment, MOHFW segregates the dossiers of the candidates & forward the same to their parent department (for railways to rail bhawan, for ordnance to defence ministry, MCD). CHS candidates comes under MOHFW.
VI. Then its the job of respective departments to conduct MEDICAL EXAM (if not conducted earlier including chest X-ray) & then verification of antecedents / Appointment.
VII. Until Cadre allotment you can stay in touch with MOHFW for updates on their contact no. 01123062550.
VIII. After Cadre allotment, those who gets railway can contact them on 01147843323/01147844352. (for any querry)
IX. After cadre allotment there can be 2-3 month delay in conducting medical exam & another 2-3 month delay in appointment. (estimate)

Q4: Sir I want to know regarding pg extension in Railways?and when they give study leave/Extra-Ordinary leave ? (updated as on 04.03.16)

A: Since more facts have come to fore so I find it important to share it with you.
REGARDING STUDY LEAVE: if u join job ist...den in railways, as I heard minimum 2yrs of service is required after which u will b eligible for study leave...after 2yrs u hv to seek permission from ur deptt..if they approve only then u can proceed on study leave... study leave is with bond to return back. It is paid leave. (PAY+BOND+LEAVE PERIOD WILL BE COUNTED FOR PROMOTION & SENIORITY)
REGARDING EXTENSION: Extension can be taken if u are not in a position to join the job/training as per the dates mentioned on your appointment letter. Reason may be anything, say u r doing PG or any other issue. u will get extension in any cadre if u are doing pg at the tym of getting appointment letter...for dat u hv to write to ur parent authority who has send uappointment letter regarding dis accompanied by a bonafide certificate from ur college indicating the period of extension required. But mind it, extension period is not counted in your service, hence if it exceeds more than 8-9 months you will lose seniority as well. Here also No pay + No Bond.

REGARDING EXTRA-ORDINARY LEAVE: It can be availed in 2 circumstances.
Firstly, those who are already doing PG can avail EOL right at the time of getting appointment letter. Read the following (screenshot from the appointment letter #attached rules)
For that you have to complete your joining formalities at NAIR, vadodara & then apply for EOL. This way you can retain your seniority. (Here, NO PAY+SENIORITY MAINTAINED+BOND to serve for 5 yrs thereafter)
Otherwise, Extra-Ordinary leave that can be availed just after after 1yr of probation. EOL is without any pay,.
*Extension is taken before joining....
*after joining...u hv to take study leave or extra ordinary leave..
*Extension doesn't count in service...
*leave is considered as a part of service...if after 1 yr of probation u take 3 yr study wud b counted as 4 yrs service in toto ...on return u will get ur due promotion as dmo.
*also Study leave is with pay + bond to return back
*EOL is without any pay + bond

Q5: Is it possible to change cadre preference ?

A: For dat pls contact mohfw on above mentioned number...I don't hv any knowledge regarding dat.....try it before ur cadre allotment is done. After cadre allotment, not possible at all.

Q6: I have been allotted railways. But will I get the zone of my preference i.e, North eastern railways....?

A:90% of candidates get their preferred zones.. & interzonal transfers are not permissible...until 20yrs of service... .only few unlucky fellows wud b offered other zone.... It depends upon on. Of vacancies & no. of candidates ahead of u with railway cadre opting NER...

Q7: where we will be posted as admo, in health unit or divisional hospital?
salary after 7th cpc ? is it worth opting career as admo....

A: Can be posted anywhere ....but mostly at health units if ur only a MBBS... starting salary will keep on increasing with half yearly increase in DA...annual increments...4 time bound promotions.n other facilities...those who want to enjoy life with less work n more pay ...can go dere

Q8: Pls throw some light on the waiting list and chances of getting selected in that?

A: Reserve list is released after 1-2 yr... if ur marks are close to cut-off marks in respective cat.....then one can predict chances of their selection in waiting list...

Q9: As an admo u have said that the starting salary will be 90k. Correct me if i m wrong but sir i hv seen total pay of around 45k as admo in notification.. Plz do throw some light on this.

A: See ...we fall in pay band 3 of 15600-39000 with grade pay of 5400. Wat we actually get at last is a complex calculation of basic pay & various other allowances which makes it a hefty figure. 90k is as per 7th cpc

45k which is given in notification is...basic pay plus Dearness allowance...
I give u a broad overview...currently our pay is governed by as per 6th pay commission...n wef 1st Jan 2016 7th pay commission will be implemented (though actual implementation wud b late but benefit will be given from 1st Jan) in short from Jan...our pay system will be changed altogether.

Basic pay is minimum of pay band plus grade pay
ie 15600+5400 = 21000
NPA @25%. 5250
Total basic 26250
Current DA 119% of total basc ...31237
other HRA @10% or 20 or 30% of total basic
transport allowance
conveyance allowance..& other allowances
So all that on whole makes ur GROSS PAY... which is around 71-80k dis tym.

But dere r certain deductions too..
like if u get quarter...den u won't get HRA house rent allowance...
10% of ur basic pay towards new pension system...
so in hand pay dis tym is around 64k

But our pay keeps on increasing...DA is revised every 6monthly...prev it was 113% 119%...
there is annual 3% increment in basic our allowances too swell...

Q10: I have seen my mark sheet today and found the statement...
remarks: recommended
but my number is not in the provisional list..its in the main list . can you please clarify this ambiguity ?

A:. regarding word provisional ....marksheet are actually prepared at the tym of written result its provisional for everybody... even when u get your appointment letter even dere its wriiten...ur candidature is need nt to worry abt dat....if ur documents verification is pending or ur roll no figures in prov list published in final list...only then u hv to get ur status cleared by upsc...else worries.

Q11:sir please explain the current promotion method from ADMo to higher post and change in pay scale.
See this...4 time bound 4-5-4-7 yrs with corresponding increase in will be revised wef 1st Jan as per 7thcpc.

Q12: I'm in first year MD there any benefit in joining cadre after pg means in terms of early promotions nd salary hike nd nature of duties.

A: Since u r doing can take extension.
No Benefit in terms of early promotions or pay...except pg allowance that wud b Rs.1000 more for u... u Will have xtra edge over other MBBS MO's...
those who after joining take study leave for 3 yrs....their leave period is also considered for awarding promotion... means...if 1yr probation + 3yr Extra-ordinary leave.....back on duty after 3 yrs...n get promoted. promotions are given after 4-5-4-7 years....time bound.

Q13: Wil everybody have training in Vadodara irrespective of cadre alloted and wil it be for 3months in Vadodara only?

A: Only for railway cadre ppl..... total training period is of 14 weeks...out of which 4 weeks at NAIR & rest field posting in vadodara

There is a lot to share with you but I cant write all that in one go. So all necessary info will be updated in due course of time. Bookmark dis page & keep checking. I will be be soon updating on pay& perks in railways, prospects of study leave/EOL for MBBS graduates, regarding extension for PG's.

For any other querry write to me at above mentioned email address. I will try to answer that in shortest possible time.


  1. Dr. Shami, i m dr. Sourav from CMC Kolkata. I got my final ranking at upsc cms 2015 as rank-512( gen).
    Can i get IRMS??
    I m doing pg and is in 2nd yr (will b in 3rd yr aftr few months), can i get extension for joining?? My pg course will end in july 2017.
    I m going to dholpur house very soon for remaining few document verification. Will they return my documents hand in hand after checking dem? Shall they issue a clearance certificate??
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Waiting for ur reply.

    My cell no. 9051387141. This is also my WhatsApp no.. U can choose to reply in any way convenient to u.

  2. Sir,I'm planning to give cms exam this june2016 ND m doing my final year MBBS..wil be crri tis sep onwards so I wanted to know when wil they cal me for interview? as per rule they r supposed to cal after crri..can I do pg after joining so..

    Suppose, If i write tis June 2016 ,wil be getting result by October-nov ND wen wil be d interview? next day after crri or november??

  3. Sir,I'm planning to give cms exam this june2016 ND m doing my final year MBBS..wil be crri tis sep onwards so I wanted to know when wil they cal me for interview? as per rule they r supposed to cal after crri..can I do pg after joining so..

    Suppose, If i write tis June 2016 ,wil be getting result by October-nov ND wen wil be d interview? next day after crri or november??

  4. Hi @Sourav Sinha,
    1. U can get Railways at 512 rank.
    2. Since u r doing PG & it will b completed in 2017, u need not to
    worry. Most likely from mid-2017 ur batch will be called for joining.
    If on that somebody is already doing PG , then he has 2
    is apply for extension or he may go to NAIR Vadodara for completing
    joining formalities, apply for Extra-ordinary-leave(eol) & then come
    back to complete his PG (hardly a week it take for that). Both
    extension/EOL will b granted easily if u r doing pg at the tym of
    receiving ur appointment letter. Railway people are quite lazy fellow.
    I am from CMS 2014 bafch & am yet to be appointed. So u can very well
    predict about urs. Around 150 Candidates out of 650 IRMS candidates
    are called for training this month , rest will b called later some say
    in July or September or nxt yr...God Knows when..!
    3. Regarding documents verification, u can speed post them to upsc
    with cover letter with all your details & they will return u ur
    documents by speed post with clearance letter. after 1-3 months.
    Even if u visit there office personally, they will ask you to leave ur
    documents dere & go. They don't do on-spot document verification. So
    it's not worth visiting dere. I myself posted my documents like this
    twice & got it back safe.
    Hope all ur queries are clear now !
    Good wishes...

  5. @mbbs
    Completion of Internship is required before joining the service. One can appear in interview even if he/she is doing internship. So don't worry regarding that, but you have to get it internship certificate & MBBS degree verified by upsc as soon as you get them. Result of written exam is declared by upsc within One month & after another month they usually starts taking interview. like result in July , interview then starts in ending August or September.


  6. sir plz help
    i m from CMS 2015 batch rank 144
    i filled my form wrong before interview
    i want south east central railways as 1st preference which is bilaspur and nagpur
    but when i go thru my form ryt now its has south east railways as 1st preference which is kolkata

    i m a girl , i know only hindi and english, my family wont send me to kolkata its too far life long.. as doctors are not transferred out of zone

    plz help me.. how can i change my preference now?

    are they going to ask preference again?

    someone please tell me whom to contact .. how to contact .. i want it to be done before allotment .. as it will be difficult to change once allotted

  7. can you suggest anyone who could throw some light on mcd

  8. Also how is the duty hour in mcd for mbbs people.

  9. Are the pay scale same for mcd as railway. feeling disappointed for not getting railway. Please do reply sir.

  10. sir i am seleted for cms 2016 interview but my pg service bond condiotion is going on till jan 2017. how i can join any service if alloted thinking my pg bond id yet complete. since i am girl whether will i get home zone rialway cadre?

  11. sir,plz give some tips for interview cms...

  12. sir,plz give some tips for interview cms...

  13. Sir I am selected in cmse 2015. I have allotted MCD cadre, but till date I have not received any appointment order or any other correspondence (cadre allotment is also seen on website only). what to do next? any contact no. of MCD for further assistance.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. what is bond amount which we have to sign for getting extra ordinary leave in railways

  16. Sir if we join PG in a state where there is bond, will those going to join upsc CMS be exempted from that bond? Sir please answer

  17. I cleared cms in 2014 ..Nd did aal formalities of joining ..but I was selected for MS. Now I completed my MS can I join it now?

  18. If we get Study leave for doing PG after serving for 2 years in Railway

    Is it Possible to Get both Stipend & Salary Simultaneously.....?????
    Stipend by State Government/College in which you want do PG & Salary by Railways...???

  19. If we get Study leave for doing PG after serving for 2 years in Railway

    Is it Possible to Get both Stipend & Salary Simultaneously.....?????
    Stipend by State Government/College in which you want do PG & Salary by Railways...???

  20. Can we change zone preference while training

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  22. What changes in life after becoming an Irms officer?

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  24. I have conpleted my MS (ENT) there any advantage in joining railway medical service now..will I be posted in my dept(ENT) at railways hospital.pls help

  25. I have conpleted my MS (ENT) there any advantage in joining railway medical service now..will I be posted in my dept(ENT) at railways hospital.pls help

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  27. Sir, i belong to 2014 cadre, i was pursuing pg when i received the appointment letter. So i had applied for joing extension as per the prescribed format u uploaded earlier and was granted extension for 3years. I am going to complete my pg this month. Kindly tell me about the procedure of reviving my appointment. What do i need to do?

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  52. Sir can we join cms without completing mbbs Bond in state


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